About Us


How we started


Johansen Greenhouse started out as Johansen Produce in 1977, by Mardell and the late Eldon Johansen​. When the produce production grew, the knowledge to start melon plants in the greenhouse for field planting was learned and the first greenhouse was built. Then shortly after customers showed an interest in purchasing plants and in 1987 the decision to start Johansen Greenhouse was made. 1988 and 89, Eldon and Mardell Johansen continued there education in Greenhouse Management at OSU.  

After the death of Eldon Johansen in 1997, Rhonda Johansen-Hoefer came on board full-time to work with her mother.  

​Than in the year of 2000, Johansen Greenhouse opened there second location, "J&H Greenhouse" in O'neill, this was also the year Rick Hoefer, (Rhonda's Husband)  started working with the family full-time. Rick and Rhonda Hoefer with degrees in Greenhouse Management from OSU, became the next Generation of owners in Johansen Greenhouse.  

In 2017 the decision was made to close J&H Greenhouse, and run only one location. This is where Johansen Greenhouse and Nursery begins with a new store front and greenhouse expansion. And so the adventure continues.   

​​Johansen Greenhouse and Nursery- a second-generation family owned business for Over 30 years.


Reliable Customer Experience

 Our goal is to give everyone a positive experience and by answering those tough questions from experienced staff. 


Why We Care

 We started from the ground up and we care about every detail. From the quality of product to the customers we serve. You can expect to receive to the highest level of care, just like you favorite neighbor. .