Acer (Maple)

Maple, Autuman Blaze

  • Ascending branch habit, rapid growth rate, drought tolerance, ability to grow in most soils, beautiful color, and form.

  • Height:50-60'  Width: 40' - Zone: 4


Maple, Brandywine

  • Fall foliage that begins red and turns a purple red. Flowers appear in early spring. Its flowers are only male. It has a medium growth-rate.

  • Height: 40'  Width: 30' - Zone: 4


Maple, Bloodgood Japanese

  • Attractive foliage with burgundy red coloring turns brilliant scarlet in fall. The interesting red-black bark provides striking interest in winter. One of the hardiest of Japanese maples, with good sun tolerance

  • Height: 15-20'  Width: 15' - Zone: 5


Maple, Crimson Sentry

  • This compact, narrow canopy displays deep purple leaves that become maroon to reddish bronze in fall. Deciduous.

  • Height: 35'  Width: 15' - Zone: 3


Maple, Fall Fiesta Sugar

  • Medium green leaves turn yellow to orange in the fall. Rapid growth rate, upright rounded form, thick leathery leaves that are resistant to leaf tatter and scorch and the fall color being more orange to red

  • Height:50-60'  Width: 40' - Zone: 4


Maple, Flame Amur

  • A spectacular choice for its reliable blazing red fall color and bright red fruits in summer, this is a shapely small tree; very hardy and adaptable, great as a fall accent in smaller home landscapes

  • Height: 20'  Width: 30' - Zone: 3


Maple, Hot Wings Tartarian

  • For six weeks breath-taking scarlet red samaras (helicopters) contrasting with the rich green foliage giving it a look of being in bloom. Clusters of yellow white flowers cover the tree after the leaves appear. Fall leaf color transforms from orange red on the outside of the tree to yellow in the middle.

  • Height: 15-18'  Width: 15-18' - Zone: 4

N0106303 140

Maple, October Glory

  • Glistening dark green leaves in spring, summer turn radiant red late fall and last several weeks. Tiny, red flowers bloom in spring following showy red fruit.

  • Height: 40-50'  Width: 25-35' - Zone: 4


Maple, Red Sunset

  • Red buds appear amid the branches before the foliage appears and open into tight clusters of red flowers in late winter/early spring. When fall arrives, get ready for a spectacular autumn displays like a glowing flame.

  • Height: 40-50'  Width: 30-35' - Zone: 4

regal petticoat

Maple, Regal Petticoat

  • Rich, dark, glossy green leaves with, velvety purple on their undersides. As the winds blows, the tree puts on an elegant show. Incredible fall display as the leaves turn aspen yellow on the top surface and a bright magenta pink accented with reds, orange and salmon underneath.

  • Height: 40'  Width: 30' - Zone: 4

royal red

Maple, Royal Red

  • A dense shade tree, with a well-shaped canopy. The glossy foliage is an excellent maroon, red all season.

  • Height: 40'  Width: 25' - Zone: 4


Alnifolia Regents

  • White flowers in compact clusters which appear in early spring before the leaves. Flowers give way to small, edible berries which ripen to dark purplish-black. Finely-toothed, oval-rounded leaves are pale to dark green. Foliage turns variable shades of yellow in autumn.

  • Height: 18' - Width: 12' - Zone: 4


Paper Birch

  • The most drought-tolerant birch. The bark is an outstanding red-bronze, turning white with exfoliation. Dense, pyramidal form. Dark green leaves turn yellow in fall. Resistance to the bronze birch borer.

  • Height:50-70'  Width: 30-40' - Zone: 4



  • Vigorous grower has exfoliating bark that ranges from tan to creamy white to parchment white. While it tolerates wet, poorly drained soils, it does well in upland soils, and is resistant to bronze birch borer.

  • Height: 45-60'  Width: 25-40' - Zone: 4


River Birch

  • Vigorous, fast growing, salmon-pink to reddish brown bark exfoliates to reveal lighter inner bark. Leathery, diamond-shaped, medium to dark green leaves, with toothed margins turn yellow in fall.

  • Height: 40-70'  Width: 40-60' - Zone: 4



  • An extremely hardy and drought tolerant variety, the lacy, bright green foliage highlights this plant's graceful, weeping form. Tiny, soft yellow, pea-like flowers in early June.

  • Height: 5-6' - Width: 3-4' - Zone: 4

Cercis canadensis

MN Strain Redbud

  • Small pink flowers appear in spring before leaves appear. It does well in sun and part shade.

  • Height: 20-30' - Width: 20-25' - Zone: 4


Cherokee Chief Dogwood

  • Leaves emerge bronze-red, maturing to green with deep, ruby-red flower in the spring. Autumn brings burgundy red foliage, with red fruit clinging to bare branches in the winter.

  • Height: 15-30' - Width: 15-30' - Zone: 4


Princeton Sentry

  • A fruitless male Ginkgo cultivar that is pest-free. Chartreuse, fan-shaped leaves that flutter in the breeze turn a lovely flaxen yellow in the fall. A narrow columnar form. Deciduous.

  • Height: 40-50' - Width: 20-30' - Zone: 3


Crimson Cloud

  • Clusters of crimson flowers with white centers above the branches in mid spring. It has forest green foliage throughout the season. The fruits are showy red pomes displayed from early fall to late winter.

  • Height: 15-20' - Width: 15-20' - Zone: 4

Hydrangea(Tree form)


  • Lime green flowers emerge in July and age to white and continue to pink and burgundy colors by fall and remain on the plant. A massive bloomer with overflowing blooms and grows very vigorous.

  • Height: 6-8'  Width: 7-9' - Zone: 4



  • White, cone-shaped blooms that emerge a month earlier than others and will cover the plant with 8-12" blossoms in late May or early June. The real show begins as these blooms change color to dark pink, bringing renewed interest.

  • Height: 6-8'  Width: 6-8' - Zone: 4


Vanilla Strawberry

  • Blend of vanilla-strawberry held upright on red stems. Start creamy white in mid-summer, change to pink and finally to strawberry red, new blooms give the plant a multicolored effect in late summer and early fall. The red coloration persists for at least 3-4 weeks.

  • Height: 6-7'  Width: 5-6' - Zone: 4



  • Foliage emerges a brilliant yellow, fading to light green, seedless and thorn-less, attractive lime green foliage which emerges gold in spring leaves are highly ornamental and turn an outstanding yellow in the fall.

  • Height: 35'  Width: 30-35' - Zone: 4



  • Dark green foliage throughout the year, turns to a beautiful yellow hue during the fall. This tree does not produce any fruit or flowers. This variety is hardier than most trees, and they do not have large seed pods or sharp thorns. 

  • Height: 50-60'  Width: 30-35' - Zone: 3


Northern Acclaim

  • A medium to large spreading upright pyramidal tree that is thorn-less and seedless, with great winter hardiness. Attractive bright green foliage during the summer months changing to golden-yellow in the fall.

  • Height: 35-45'  Width: 30-35' - Zone: 3



  • Tulip trees live up to their name with spectacular spring blooms that resemble the flowers. The tulip poplar tree is not a poplar tree and not related to tulip flowers but is a member of the Magnolia family.

  • Height: 70-90' - Width: 35-50' - Zone: 4

Malus crabapple


  • Crimson-colored buds that open to 1/2-inch wide, purple-red flowers, and dark red bark. Fall brings bright orange leaves and shiny red fruit. The fruit reaches 3/8 to 1/2 inches and does not drop from the tree.

  • Height: 15-20'  Width: 20' - Zone: 4



  • A heavy blooming tree that produces vibrant fuchsia-pink flowers in the spring, followed by bright red tiny fruit in the fall. The dark green foliage has a lovely reddish tone.  A vigorous, upright tree with a nicely rounded, oval crown. 

  • Height: 25'  Width: 15-20' - Zone: 4



  • A very winter hardy flowering crabapple with glossy, dark green foliage and showy, snow-white spring blooms. Produces small but vibrant, candy apple red crabapples in the fall that will persist after the leaves have dropped. Foliage has excellent resistance to apple scab.

  • Height: 25'  Width: 15' - Zone: 4


Snow Drift

  • Glossy, dark green foliage and snow-white
    spring blooms. Produces small but vibrant, candy apple red crabapples in the fall that will
    persist after the leaves have dropped. Foliage has excellent resistance to apple scab.

  • Height: 15-20'  Width: 20-25' - Zone: 4

Morus alba 'Chaparral'
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Mulberry, dwarf weeping

  • Full Sun Weeping Mulberry tree with emerald, green, lobed cut foliage. Cascading branches will give this tree its unique umbrella look

  • Height: 15' - Width: 15-20' - Zone: 4


Ninebark Summer Wine

  • Clusters of white flowers at the ends of the branches from late spring to early summer, which emerge from pink flower buds. It has attractive deep purple foliage which emerges
    crimson in spring.

  • Height: 5-6' - Width: 4-6' - Zone: 3

Populus Canadensis
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Robusta Poplar

  • The young tree is still narrow and vertical but later a moderately broad spherical crown form. The bark is grey-white and thin, leaves emerge early and are brownish-red in color. In the summer they are green and turn yellowish-green in the autumn.

  • Height: 40-60' - Width: 30-40' - Zone: 4


Newport Plum

  • Best known for its purple foliage: leaves emerge light bronze-purple in spring, gradually mature to dark purple by summer and turn reddish in fall. White to pale pink, sweetly fragrant flowers appear in early spring before the leaves and are followed by dull purple fruit.

  • Height: 15-20' - Width: 15-20' - Zone: 4


Chanticleer Pear

  • Best known for its purple foliage: leaves emerge light bronze-purple in spring, gradually mature to dark purple by summer and turn reddish in fall. White to pale pink, sweetly fragrant flowers appear in early spring before the leaves and are followed by dull purple fruit.

  • Height: 25-30' - Width: 15' - Zone: 5


Quaking Aspen

  • Also called trembling aspens, are named for their leaves. Flat leaves attach to branches with lengthy stalks called petioles, which quake or tremble in light breezes. A stunning golden vista when their leaves change color in the fall. The white bark is one identifying characteristic of this tree, but the bark is special for more than just its unique appearance.

  • Height: 60-80' - Width: 30' - Zone: 5

N0103275 140

Bur Oak

  • Despite its acorns being called “frilled,” there is nothing dainty about it. The frills around its gigantic acorn are wild and woolly, and the top of the cap is corky and tough. Its bark, too, is rough and dark, and the trunk massive.

  • Height: 60-80'  Width: 60-80' - Zone: 3

Quercus ellipsoidalis

Northern Pin Oak

  • Dark green foliage which emerges brick red in spring. The lobed leaves turns brick red in the fall. The gray bark and silver branches add an interesting dimension. Northern Pin Oak is a deciduous tree with a shapely oval form.

  • Height: 60'  Width: 45' - Zone: 5


Red Oak

  • One of the handsomest, cleanest, and stateliest trees in North America, and it is widely considered a national treasure. It is especially valued for its adaptability and usefulness, including its hardiness in urban settings. This large tree is also known for its brilliant fall color.

  • Height: 60-80'  Width: 50' - Zone: 4


Shumard Oak

  • A pyramidal tree, becoming more open at maturity. Bark is thick, smooth and grayish, becoming furrowed and darker gray. Lower branches are chiefly horizontal. leaves frequently turning scarlet in the fall, up to 7 inches long, with 2 to 4 pairs of pointed lobes with soft, bristle like tips. Sinuses between the lobes reaching from 1/2 to 3/4 the distance from the tip of the lobe to the leaf midrib.

  • Height: 40-60'  Width: 40-60' - Zone: 5

Robinia locust

Purple Robe

  • Long clusters of purple flowers in mid-to late spring that look like Wisteria flowers. These beautifully fragrant clusters cover the tree profusely and may be up to eight inches long each!

  • Height: 50' - Width: 30' - Zone: 4


Niobe Weeping Willow

  • Fast growing, golden barked willow has a wide spreading canopy and long, golden drooping branches. An extremely graceful tree, it prefers moist planting sites.

  • Height: 50'  Width: 50' - Zone: 4


Pendula Weeping Willow(Pussy Willow)

  • Fluffy yellow blossoms, followed by fur-like catkins, have been a source of fascination for generations. Gracefully “weeping” branches make this an exceptional choice for a garden focal point.

  • Height: 4'  Width: 5-8' - Zone: 4

Syringa lilac

Dwarf Korean

  • This tree form has the same fine features of the shrub-form Dwarf Korean. It makes an excellent globe for accent or interest in the landscape.

  • Height: 8'  Width: 5-6' - Zone: 4



  • Large, fragrant panicles of creamy white bloom in June. Lustrous, dark green foliage is as wide as tall with attractive, shelved branching. A pest and disease-free lilac tree for residential and park use.

  • Height: 18'  Width: 20' - Zone: 3


Ivory Silk

  • Beautiful creamy-white blooms with a captivating fragrance spring through summer. A small tree or large shrub that forms a rounded crown with rich green foliage on attractive reddish-brown bark. Makes a perfect accent or background plant.

  • Height: 20-25'  Width: 15-20' - Zone: 4

Tilia cordata
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American Linden

  • A stately shade tree with delicate pea-shaped fruits hanging from wing-shaped bracts. It is a summer-blooming tree with small white flowers, and bold, heart-shaped leaves that turn golden yellow in autumn

  • Height: 75-90'  Width: 40-50' - Zone: 3


Littleleaf Linden

  • Glossy dark green foliage and fragrant pendulous flowers in early summer. Virtually disease free and very adaptable, it does well in poor soil.

  • Height: 35-45'  Width: 30-35' - Zone: 4



  • Snowball bushes never go unnoticed, especially when they are in bloom. Pom-pom like blossoms have become a garden staple. We took this amazing shrub and grew it into a single stem tree form plant for a unique lavish accent for your landscape!

  • Height: 10-12' - Width: 8-10' - Zone: 3